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Table 4 Schedule of variables collected from patients in the BRIDGE study

From: A cluster randomized trial of standard quality improvement versus patient-centered interventions to enhance depression care for African Americans in the primary care setting: study protocol NCT00243425

Measurement/collection method Enrollment visit 6 months 12 months 18 months
Sociodemographics X   X X
   Age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, income, employment1, health insurance1, financial stress     
Attitudes, beliefs, and other behavioral measures X X X X
   Trust in health professionals, preferred role in decision-making, depression treatment preferences, spirituality, respect, perceived involvement in care2, racial identity, social support, life events     
Health Status X X X X
   Physical and mental, measured by MOS-SF12, CIDI3 &ES-D, psychiatric co-morbidity4, disability days     
Healthcare Utilization X X X X
   Mental healthcare utilization (receipt of antidepressant medication and/or counseling) General healthcare utilization (emergency room visits and hospitalizations)     
Healthcare Process X X X X
   PDM with providers, visit-specific and overall satisfaction, satisfaction with case manager5, ratings of depression care management and intervention materials6     
Audiotapes (patient-provider communication)7 X    
  1. CIDI = Composite International Diagnostic Interview, Depression Scale, CES-D = Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, PDM = participatory decision making; 1measured at 12 and 18 months; 2measured only at 18 months; 3not measured at six months; 4Substance abuse, panic attacks, anxiety, and traumatic events; 5measured only at six and 12 months; 6measured only at 12 months only; 7collected at enrollment visit and after primary care provider intervention.