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Table 1 Features of the BRIDGE study patient intervention

From: A cluster randomized trial of standard quality improvement versus patient-centered interventions to enhance depression care for African Americans in the primary care setting: study protocol NCT00243425

Data collected/delivered Standard intervention Patient-centered intervention
Needs assessment (five core assessment areas) X  
Patient-centered needs assessment1 (11 core assessment areas)[41]   X
Education and Activation X X
Social support/informal counseling X X
Standard education materials X  
Culturally targeted education materials   X
Black mental health alliance resource list   X
Cultural information packet for MH Providers   X
  1. 1More in-depth individualized questioning (using Kleinman's explanatory model approach [41]) about symptoms, functional status, social support, treatment preferences compared to the standard needs assessment. Additional assessment questionswere about literacy and language, spirituality, financial concerns, and clinician relationship.