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Table 2 The means, medians, inter-quartile ranges (IQR) and ranges of the six variables

From: Exploring the black box of quality improvement collaboratives: modelling relations between conditions, applied changes and outcomes

Variable name: N Mean Median IQR Min-Max
External change agent support1 168 4.56 4.65 1.46 1.50-6.75
Team organisation2 168 5.27 5.40 1.20 1.60-7.00
Organisational support3 168 4.60 4.78 1.75 1.40-7.00
Number of applied changes 159 3.73 4.00 2.00 0.00-8.00
Perceived success (overall judgement project leader) 137 6.69 7.00 2.00 1.00-9.00
Actual success (performance indicator) 103 2.28 3.00 2.00 1.00-3.00
  1. 1 Items: at collaborative meetings I always gain valuable insights, and external change agents a) provide sufficient support and instruments; b) raise high expectations about performance and improvement potential; c) make clear from the beginning what the goal of the project is and the best way to achieve it; Cronbach's alpha: 0.77.
  2. 2 Items: good communication and coordination, clear division of tasks, everyone is doing what he or she should do, team is responsible and in charge of implementation; Cronbach's alpha: 0.84.
  3. 3 Items: project is important to strategic management, strategic management supports project actively, hospital gives support needed in the department(s) to make the project a success, board does everything in its power to increase the willingness to change and pays attention to the activities of the project team; Cronbach's alpha: 0.91.