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Table 1 Behaviors necessary for shared decision-making

From: Adjuncts or adversaries to shared decision-making? Applying the Integrative Model of behavior to the role and design of decision support interventions in healthcare interactions

Who engages in the behavior Observable behavior
Physician - Defining/explaining the medical problem*
- Presenting options for the medical problem*
- Making a recommendation
Physician and Patient - Clarifying understanding
- Discussing risks, benefits and costs of options†
- Discussing the ability to make a decision†
- Making or deferring a decision
Patient - Expressing values and preferences related to potential health outcomes and options
  1. Adopted from Makoul and Clayman, 2006.
  2. *Primary targets of DESIs to date.
  3. † These are arguably behavioral categories, which include several specific behaviors such as asking questions, expressing opinions, or voicing concern.