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Table 2 NCCCP site deliverables and evaluation metrics

From: Improving clinical research and cancer care delivery in community settings: evaluating the NCI community cancer centers program

Area Deliverable Metrics
Increase clinical trial accrual including a specific focus on:
• accrual of underrepresented and disadvantaged patients
• accrual to all clinical trials including treatment, prevention, and behavioral trials with specific focus to increase accrual to multi-modality trials and NCI-sponsored trials
• increase the capability to offer phase II trials and develop protocols for appropriate referral of patients for phase I trials to NCI-designated cancer centers or academic medical research institutes
Track accrual overall and for underrepresented patients
• NCI trials
• Early phase trials
• Linkages with other NCI clinical trials programs (eg., Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOPs))
• Referrals to NCI-designated cancer centers or academic medical research institutes for Phase I trials
Track participation in clinical trials and research activities of NCI funded Cooperative Groups such as: CALGB, ECOG, SWOG, RTOG, NSABP, GOG
Demonstrate a documented improvement in
health screening activities and outreach to community members including a specific focus on underrepresented and disadvantaged populations
Implement a policy that all patients who are screened will be treated with appropriate follow- up care
Link with NCI disparities programs (eg., Community Networks Program, Cancer Information Service)
Increase partnering with local, state, and national community organizations, government and non- government
Expand patient navigation
Track screening activities
by disease site (eg. breast, colon) and focus on underrepresented and disadvantaged populations
Track efforts to consistently collect race and ethnicity data.
Confirm adherence to screening and treatment policy
Track linkages
Track number, type, and goals of partnerships
Track expanded staff and resources for navigation
Recommend IT infrastructure requirements, necessary interfaces, and applicability of specific components of caBIGRfor community hospital settings
Implement and integrate electronic health records
Complete individual detailed analysis and report
Track implementation of
Biospecimens Recommend the necessary infrastructure requirements, policies and procedures, cost, and other implementations issues, for biospecimen collection and storage, required for implementation enabling community hospitals to participate in biospecimen initiatives Complete individual detailed analysis and report
Quality of
Increase Multi-disciplinary (MDCs) care
disease-site-specific committees and clinics Increase use of evidence-based guidelines, standards and protocols (eg., NCCN, ASCO).
Participate in a disease specific Quality of Care study
Expand genetics and molecular testing
Develop cancer center specific medical staff 'conditions of participation' that will be locally determined requirements to insure that those who provide care as cancer center physicians practice in a manner that is consistent with the patient care, quality, research, and community outreach goals of the NCCCP cancer center
Track number and type of MDCs
Track number and type of guidelines. Document improved compliance with guidelines
Participate in NCCCP pilot Commission on Cancer quality of care study to measure improvements in breast and colon cancer treatment
Track components of the genetics program that are offered on site or through referral over time
Adopt and implement
'conditions of participation'
Survivorship Expand survivorship and palliative care programs Provide patient treatment summary to patients. Track new or expanded survivorship and palliative care programs/activities