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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of public health departments and decision-makers

From: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of knowledge translation and exchange strategies

Characteristic Total Sample
Front line staff 35%
Managers 26%
Directors 10%
Coordinators 9%
Other 20%
Nurse 47%
Nutritionist 19%
Physical education specialist 4%
Physician 2%
Other 26%
Years in current position 5
Years in public health 13
Frequently hear the terms research or research evidence. 5.4*
My organization highly values the use of research evidence in decision making. 5.2*
My supervisor expects me to use research evidence in program planning decisions. 5.6*
Research evidence is consistently used in program planning decision making. 4.9*
I have access to someone who can help me interpret and apply research evidence. 4.5*
The health unit's governing board is influenced by research evidence. 4.8*
How helpful is research evidence to you for program planning decisions? 5.4*
Is it easy to access relevant research? 4.8*
You find policies/programs described as effective in the literature are affordable in practice. 3.7*
Research in your field is done with populations similar to the populations you serve. 3.9*
Have you ever seen a systematic review relevant to your field? 79% responded yes
How would you rate the availability of systematic reviews relevant to your field? 4.1*
How would you rate systematic reviews you are familiar with for ease of use? 4.8*
  1. * based on a seven-point scale