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Table 1 Knowledge translation models

From: Study protocol for the translating research in elder care (TREC): building context – an organizational monitoring program in long-term care project (project one)

Research Utilization Models
Ottawa Model of Research use [110]
Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing (CURN) [111]
Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) [112]
Stetler Model [113]
Iowa Model of Research in Nursing Practice [114]
Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARiHS) [8]
Weiss' (Social Sciences) Research Utilization Models
Knowledge-Driven Model [115]
Problem-Solving Model [115]
Interactive Model [115]
Political Model [115]
Tactical Model [115]
Enlightenment Model [115]
Organizational Innovation Models
Model of Territorial Rights and Boundaries [116]
Dual Core Model of Innovation [117]
Ambidextrous Model [55]
Bandwagon Models [118]
Desperation-Reaction Model of Medical Diffusion [119]
Organizational Models and Theories
(Less focused on knowledge translation but relevant to knowledge translation)
Episodic or Punctuated Equilibrium Model of Change [120]
Situated Change Theory [121]
Agency Theory [122]
Institutional Theory [123]