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Table 2 Components of the multi-faceted knowledge translation intervention

From: An innovative telemedicine knowledge translation program to improve quality of care in intensive care units: protocol for a cluster randomized pragmatic trial

Intervention Description
Educational outreach - Monthly videoconference with study coordinators to discuss progress and implementation strategies.
- Educational sessions provided via videoconference by content experts for each best practice; available for later viewing on website
- Development of a bibliography of evidence-based literature supporting each best practice
- Summary of guidelines into easy to read bulletins
- Support to local champions for presenting educational sessions.
Reminders - Promotional items (posters, bulletins, pins, pens, stamps, pocket cards)
- Pre-printed order sets
- Checklists
Audit and feedback - Daily audit of process of care indicators
- Monthly reports of performance measures to each ICU during each phase
- Each ICU performance compared anonymously to peer ICUs