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Table 1 Example of categorisation of items extracted from measurement tools

From: What can management theories offer evidence-based practice? A comparative analysis of measurement tools for organisational context

Research activity Research utilisation Knowledge management Organisational learning
Involving the individual    
Organisation ensures staff involvement in discussion on how research evidence relates to organisational goals (KEYS)[93]
Expectation from organisation for staff involvement (ABC)[107]
   Managers in this organisation frequently involve employees in important decisions (OLS2)[95]
Part of this firms' culture is that employees can express their opinions and make suggestions regarding the procedures and methods in place for carrying out tasks (OLC2)[96]
Shared vision/goals    
What I do links with the Directorate's plans (ABC)[107]
The development work of individuals links with the Directorate's plans (RandD)[47]
  I usually agree with the direction set by this organisation's leadership (KMS)[97] Senior managers and employees share a common vision of what our work should accomplish (OLS2)[95]