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Table 3 Key features of the proposed intervention in elderly care

From: Healthcare professionals and managers' participation in developing an intervention: A pre-intervention study in the elderly care context

Key features of the Proposed Intervention in Elderly Care  
Objectives:    • Improve care for older persons with complex and multidimensional chronic conditions
     • Prevent unwanted institutionalization and unnecessary use of services
Clinical, collaborative and organizational means: Strengthen primary care
     • Maintain the PCP as the main medical practitioner
     • Integrate health professionals into a multidisciplinary team
     • Introduce a case manager collaborating with PCPs
     • No translocation to secondary care
  Coordinate primary and secondary care
     • Better communication
     • Access to geriatric expertise for PCP (a community-based geriatrician)
     • Direct access to hospitalization
  No change in funding mechanisms