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Table 2 Conversation summarized

From: The role of conversation in health care interventions: enabling sensemaking and learning

Definition of conversation Emphasize qualities of conversation that improve sensemaking and learning Avoid conversation that inhibits sensemaking and learning Recommendations for enhancing the role of conversation in improving interventions
What it is
• Collaboration
• Meaning making
• Improvisation
What it is not
• Instruction-giving
• Information exchange
• Speeches
• Talk that elicits no real meaning
• Trust
• Responsive interaction
• Empathetic listening
• Diversity of perspectives
• Intimate exchange
• Disciplined debate
• Creative dialogue
• Lack of time and space
• Failure to listen
• Too much agreement
• Dominant discourses diminish diverse perspectives
• Siloed specialties
• Evaluate the potential of an intervention to generate conversation
• Look for and leverage unexpected conversation
• Create space within which conversation can unfold
• Use conversation to help people manage uncertainty
• Use conversation to help reorganize relationships
• Build social interaction competence