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Table 1 Evaluation of the guideline (in %, n = 72).

From: Acceptance and perceived barriers of implementing a guideline for managing low back in general practice

  Strongly agree Mostly agree Disagree Strongly disagree
The guideline is suitable for daily practice 65 35
The guideline increases my confidence in managing low back pain. 53 44 3
I will lose patients by adhering to the guideline 4 17 47 32
I agree with the information provided with the patient leaflet. 62 37 1
The guideline should be disseminated. 86 14
I have been treating low back pain according to the guideline previously. 39 54 7
The guideline has changed my management of low back pain. 13 43 34 10
Triaging patient with low back pain after history taking and physical exam in uncomplicated, radicular and complicated back pain instead of making an anatomical diagnosis is reasonable 92 5 3
The majority of patients in my practice have uncomplicated back pain. 79 17 3 1
The „yellow flags" are useful to recognize patients at risk for chronic back pain. 54 45 1
To postpone imaging for the first 4–6 weeks is reasonable. 72 27 1
The therapeutic options suggested for acute back pain are helpful. 56 43 1
The therapeutic options suggested for chronic back pain are helpful. 47 53