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Table 5 TIDES National Dissemination Plan

From: Developing a national dissemination plan for collaborative care for depression: QUERI Series

The TIDES National Dissemination Plan (NDP) is a blueprint for developing infrastructure to support the system-wide adoption of collaborative care for depression. The NDP includes goals pertaining to: 1) guidelines and quality indicators, 2) training in clinical processes and evidence-based quality improvement, 3) marketing, and 4) informatics support.
Guidelines and quality indicators
Goal 1: Partner with relevant VA offices/entities to update clinical practice guidelines for depression to reflect the evidence base for collaborative care.
Goal 2: Encourage and support efforts for VA to adopt performance indicators that reward collaborative care for depression.
Goal 3: Create tools to assess fidelity to the TIDES collaborative care model.
Goal 4: Develop a process for MH-QUERI to serve as an ongoing advisor to relevant VA offices on depression performance indicators.
Training in clinical processes and evidence-based quality improvement
Goal 1: Develop materials and processes to train primary care clinicians, nurse care managers, and psychiatrists on TIDES collaborative care.
Goal 2: Explore feasibility of developing a certification process for depression care managers.
Goal 3: Identify and develop needed implementation tools and strategies.
Goal 4: Develop methods to identify depression opinion leaders within VA networks, and develop materials to train opinion leaders and clinical managers in evidence-based quality improvement processes.
Goal 5: Develop tools for assessing site needs prior to implementing TIDES collaborative care, assessing organizational readiness for change, and obtaining staff participation in tailoring interventions to site-specific needs.
Goal 6: Develop a process for partnering with the VA Employee Education System to make updates to TIDES educational materials, as needed.
Goal 1: Develop a marketing plan to promote the spread of TIDES collaborative care to new VA networks and facilities.
Goal 2: Keep key VA leaders and stakeholders apprised of progress in spreading TIDES collaborative care to new VA networks and facilities.
Goal 3: Develop the business case for depression care management.
Goal 4: Disseminate scientific findings related to the implementation and evaluation of TIDES collaborative care through scientific meetings, newsletters, and peer-reviewed journals.
Goal 5: Recruit four new VA networks to begin implementing TIDES collaborative care by the end of 2007, and at least 15 more networks by 2010.
Goal 6: Secure funding to support MH-QUERI efforts to facilitate spread and sustainability of TIDES collaborative care.
Goal 7: Develop a cadre of experts in depression care management, evidence-based quality improvement, informatics, and logistics to serve as consultants on implementing TIDES collaborative care.
Informatics support
Goal 1: Develop capacity within the VA computerized patient record system for depression care managers to track patients and document care.