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Table 3 Guidance for National Dissemination Plan Action Team Leaders

From: Developing a national dissemination plan for collaborative care for depression: QUERI Series

Action Team assembly and composition
   ▪ Team leaders were given discretion to assemble team members they believe could help them achieve the NDP goal, but were encouraged to consider including a DSG member and/or a ReTIDES investigator to help ensure coordination with related project activities.
   ▪ Team leaders were encouraged to consider the balance and value of involving researchers, clinicians, managers, VA leaders, technical/content experts, and/or consumer representatives on the Action Team.
Developing an action plan
   ▪ Team leaders were encouraged to draft an action plan and timeline for accomplishing the NDP goal. A draft action plan was provided to each team leader who was empowered to revise the plan as needed.
   ▪ Recognizing that action plans would need to be flexible and adaptable over time as new information emerged or organizational circumstances changed, team leaders were encouraged to not allow their team to be slowed by time intensive planning.
Progress reporting and coordination across teams
   ▪ Team leaders were informed that they would be asked to provide written, quarterly progress reports and to participate periodically in MH-QUERI conference calls.
   ▪ Team leaders were provided guidance on related NDP goals that may require coordination of efforts across different action teams.
   ▪ Team leaders were asked to be attentive to additional overlap issues that might emerge during the project that might require coordination.