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Figure 1

From: Implementing shared decision-making in nutrition clinical practice: A theory-based approach and feasibility study

Figure 1

TPB model. The TPB was proposed by Icek Ajzen as an extension of the theory of reasoned action. It is applied to study the relations among beliefs, attitudes, behavioral intentions, and behaviors. According to this theory, human behavior is the result of three different beliefs: behavioral (beliefs about the likely consequences of behavior), normative (beliefs about expectations of others), and control (beliefs about the factors that may facilitate or impede the adoption of the behavior). These beliefs are determinants of the attitude toward the behavior, the subjective norm, and perceived control, which are the factors that predict the intention of performing a given behavior. In our research, based on TPB, we will identify salient beliefs pertaining to the adoption of two SDM-related specific behaviors in nutritional clinical practice.

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