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Table 1 Physician and practice characteristics

From: Physician attitude toward depression care interventions: Implications for implementation of quality improvement initiatives






44 y (range 33–55)

   Years in practice**

17.3 y


58% male, 42% female


71% internal medicine, 29% family/general practice

Physicians" practice environment*


   Practice specialty

6% solo practice, 71% single specialty group, 24% multi specialty group

   On-site mental health availability

59% on-site mental health, 6% access at another site within medical group, 35% no on-site mental health

   Medical record type

18% paper record only, 35% paper record supplemented with electronic data, 35% electronic medical record handles all functions, 12% electronic medical record with separate ordering or data system

  1. *Age and physicians" practice environment describes all physician participants except DPRP physicians. The data were not collected for DPRP participants because they were not required to abstract data for the first part of the study.
  2. ** Years in practice describes physician participants from the DPRP sample.