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Table 1 Proliferation of Clinical Practice Guidelines

From: A work force model to support the adoption of best practice care in chronic diseases – a missing piece in clinical guideline implementation

Guidelines have been collected and displayed on internet websites including:
▪ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality National Guideline Clearinghouse, USA; 2,097 guidelines, as at 27th June 2007.
▪ NHMRC, Australia; 46 guidelines as at 29th June 2007.
▪ NZ Guidelines Group 2003; 73 guidelines and reports as at 27th June 2007.
▪ National Institute for Health linical Excellence (NICE); 57 guidelines as at 27th June 2007.
▪ The Guidelines International Network, which has a collection of 4,300 guidelines, systematic reviews, and evidence reports available to members (GIN, 29th June 2007)