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Table 2 Semi-structured Interview Guide

From: Implementing change in primary care practices using electronic medical records: a conceptual framework

Level of Performance Investment in Improvement Leadership
How successful do you feel you are (at the practice level) implementing change? Describe what your system has done to implement the project, and improve quality. Have there been any special efforts to develop an effective team?
How do you define success? What specific strategies have you used to improve performance on selected indicators? How does the leadership of this system affect the care that is provided here?
Describe the day-to day work environment of your system. What assisted in making it successful? How does the practice handle new ideas?
What are the communication patterns in the practice? What have been the barriers? Have new leaders (formal or informal) emerged to champion quality improvement efforts?
  How have these been overcome? What is helpful?
   What does not assist in improving care here?
  1. Legend: (adapted from Microsystems In Healthcare [28])