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Table 3 Overview of formative evaluations

From: Using formative evaluation in an implementation project to increase vaccination rates in high-risk veterans: QUERI Series

Implementation Intervention Purpose of implementation intervention Examples of FE questions Examples of FE data and their use
Reminder letters Information to patients What information did staff at SCI Centers need to have to prepare and mail letters? Specific information was added to the general letter; staff could make a patient list and prepare labels.
   Could staff prepare and mail letters without assistance from project team? Staff called on project team for help with letters or labels.
Use of CCR for influenza Document vaccination status of patients To IT staff: What version of this CCR is installed at your VAMC? CCR version # verified as correct one (most recent one) for use
   To others: How do you document that a patient was screened and received influenza vaccine?  
    We use the CCR for influenza.
   Can you use the CCR for influenza for all patients? We use another template in the electronic medical record.
    Yes; we use it for all our patients, including home care patients and those who got a 'flu shot' outside VA.
    No; we can't use it for inpatients.
   Do all staff who take care of patients have access to the CCR for influenza? Yes.
    No; access by some nurses is restricted by the VAMC.
Standing Orders Nurses allowed to screen and offer vaccine to patients without a specific order. Is there a standing orders policy in your SCI Center? Yes.
    No; the VAMC does not allow standing orders.
    We have a protocol for influenza vaccinations that allows nurses to screen patients and offer the vaccine.