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Figure 2

From: Implementing and evaluating a regional strategy to improve testing rates in VA patients at risk for HIV, utilizing the QUERI process as a guiding framework: QUERI Series

Figure 2

Sample Audit/Feedback letter. The original report identifies the station and sub-stations by name rather than as "Station A" and sub-stations 1–11. The data provided in this letter indicate the number of persons with identified HIV risk factors who were tested for HIV or who were indicated to have refused HIV testing. No patient had previously been tested for HIV. These results, which represent incident HIV testing and refusal rates, differ from the data given in the results section that indicates the cumulative proportion of patients with identified HIV risk factors who had ever been tested. Achievement of 100% on the Y axis would indicate that all at-risk patients were offered HIV testing as denoted by records indicating that HIV testing was performed or refused by the patient.

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