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Table 2 Description of our inter-related QUERI supported projects

From: Human subjects protection issues in QUERI implementation research: QUERI Series

Project Type Participants Goals
TIDES Action research partnership with formative evaluation Primary care, mental health, nursing and administrative leaders from three regional veterans health networks;
Experienced depression care researchers; and
Depressed veterans.
Study feasibility and safety of evidenced-based quality improvement for depression care. Steps included: 1) Adapt depression collaborative care models to VA settings through Evidence-Based Quality Improvement for Depression (EBQID); 2) Support and evaluate depression collaborative care implementation; and 3) Prepare for dissemination of depression improvement methods and materials throughout the VHA.
WAVES Site-randomized controlled trial TIDES sites and matched control sites, and
Veterans enrolled in primary care clinics screened for depression.
Implement & test depression collaborative care using TIDES evidence-based model.
COVES Mixed method; administrative data analysis and qualitative interviews Stakeholders (patients, clinicians, administrators), and
Administrators of databases of veterans' records.
Understand cost and value tradeoffs of TIDES implementation using VA cost information and semi-structured interviews with TIDES stakeholders.
ReTIDES Regional demonstration project with program evaluation All levels of VHA administrative structure including:
Central Office,
4 regional health networks and administrative control networks,
VA medical centers,
Administrators, and
Support progress of TIDES collaborative care model toward national VHA implementation.
Sustain and spread TIDES evidence-based depression care model to additional VHA sites