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Table 1 IDSRN partners and main collaborators

From: Moving research into practice: lessons from the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's IDSRN program

Led by operationally based partner
• The HMO Research Network, a longstanding network of research affiliates of large integrated and prepaid systemsa
• Denver Health, a large integrated safety net provider system
• Weill Medical College/New York Presbyterian, a large urban medical system
• Marshfield Clinic, a rural group practice (with Project Hope)
• United Healthcare, a major national health insurer (through their Center for Health Care Policy and Evaluation and a subcontract with RAND)
Led by others
• Abt Associates (with Geisinger Health Systems)
• Emory University's Center for Health Outcomes and Quality (originally based at Aetna, with whom it continued to collaborate)
• Research Triangle International (RTI) (with multiple provider systems)
• University of Minnesota's Division of Health Services Research and Policy (with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, the Medical Group Management Association and others)
  1. a See Vogt et al. [12] for more information on the HMO Research Network.