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Table 1 Outline of REP process for health services-based interventions

From: Implementing evidence-based interventions in health care: application of the replicating effective programs framework

Phase Activity Process Who
Pre-conditions Identify need --Identify high-burden condition Researchers
   --Identify barriers to implementation  
  Identify effective intervention --Identify intervention tested in a completed, randomized controlled study Researchers
  Identify barriers --Organizational needs assessment, usual care Researchers, representatives from practices, providers of community-based organizations (target population)
  Draft package --Write package into everyday language Intervention developers
   --Distinguish core elements, menu options  
Pre-implementation Community Working Group --Select Community Working Group (CWG) Researchers, CWG (i.e., health plans, practices, providers, patients, purchasers)
   --Refine package, Core elements and menu options refined based on CWG input, adjudicated by intervention developers  
   --Refine training, technical assistance approach strategies per CWG input  
  Pilot test package --Further refinement of package Researchers, CWG
  Orientation --Identify eligible organizations Researchers, CWG, organizations participating in implementation
   --Logistics of dissemination  
   --Kick-off meeting, package dissemination  
Implementation Training --Organization staff training Researchers and staff
  Technical assistance --Follow-up with organizations Technical assistance expert
  Evaluation --Formative evaluation Researchers
   --Model fidelity  
   --Patient outcomes  
   --Return on investment  
  Ongoing support --Continue CWG, site visits Researchers, CWG
  Feedback and refinement --Analyze data, inform sustainability CWG, Researchers
   --Refine package  
Maintenance and evolution Organizational, financial changes --CWG advises on sustainability strategies Researchers, CWG, sites
   --Develop business case for intervention and REP process  
  National dissemination --Reproduce package Researchers, CWG
   --Refine business case: return on investment  
  Re-customize delivery as need arises --Continue to refine package (e.g., menu options) Researchers, CWG