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Table 1 Description of the intervention groups within each of the three replicates

From: The Ontario printed educational message (OPEM) trial to narrow the evidence-practice gap with respect to prescribing practices of general and family physicians: a cluster randomized controlled trial, targeting the care of individuals with diabetes and hypertension in Ontario, Canada

REPLICATE 1: Assertive hypertension and cholesterol treatment in patients with Diabetes
OUTSERT   1. Insert & Outsert 2. Outsert only
NO OUTSERT   3. Insert Only 4. No PEM
REPLICATE 2: Retinal Screening for Patients with Diabetes
   Insert No insert
OUTSERT Patient Reminder Note 1. Insert & Outsert & Patient Reminder 2. Outsert & Patient Reminder Note
  No Patient Reminder Note 3. Insert & Outsert 4. Outsert only
NO OUTSERT   5. Insert Only 6. No PEM
REPLICATE 3: Diuretics for first-line treatment of hypertension
   Insert No insert
OUTSERT Theory-based Outsert 1. Insert & Theory-based Outsert 2. Theory-based Outsert Only
  Non-theory-based outsert 3. Insert & Non-theory-based Outsert 4. Non-theory-based Outsert only
NO OUTSERT   5. Insert Only 6. No PEM