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Table 3 Core analytical general and specific research questions: Key contextual elements

From: Improving quality of care through routine, successful implementation of evidence-based practice at the bedside: an organizational case study protocol using the Pettigrew and Whipp model of strategic change

What key contextual elements support and facilitate a) implementation of EBP at the project level and b) normalization of EBP within a health care system at multiple institutional levels?
1. Do key contextual elements differentiate successful implementation, as well as sustainability of EBP efforts, from less successful efforts within varying levels of a hospital-based health care setting?
   • In terms of elements either pre-existent or created through strategic change.
   • In light of the interrelationship of key contextual elements over time.
2. Do key contextual elements differentiate successful implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practice efforts from less successful efforts across similar health care settings interested in EBP?
3. Does the number of embedded units (i.e., a critical mass) within a service (and services within a department) with key contextual elements influence the extent to which an organization has successfully implemented and sustained evidence-based practice at both a project level and as the norm at multiple institutional levels?
4. To what extent does each of the identified models of RU/EBP reflect the key contextual elements identified in this study and the literature as relevant to successful and sustained implementation of EBP?